Evento gratis por terremoto de Japon.

12 marzo 2011

Para intentar ayudar en la medida de lo posible a la gente hispano hablante que este en Japón hemos dedicido poner gratuitas por un día las aplicaciones 05min: Primeros Auxilios y 05min: Supervivencia.

Esperamos que puedan servir de ayuda a alguien.

Gratis del 12 al 13 de Marzo.


Proof Maker 1.91 not free app more time

3 marzo 2011

Proof Maker 1.91  stopped being free for longer.

Proof Maker is a failure. Very few downloads and almost no review that encourages us to continue with the free project.

Proof Maker has been despised and discredited by the users. Being a free application users have failed to give any value.

Now when Proof Maker is a paid application we hope that users can recognize the work and effort to create this application.

Bass Reflex Box Avaliable!

27 enero 2011

It’s fast, easy and great.

Download 1,99 $

Bass Reflex Box coming soon!

23 enero 2011

The best way to design your woofer box.

Soon be published in the AppStore our new application.

Proof maker 1.8 Avaliable

20 diciembre 2010

Now with:

– Map Day.
– Bug fixed.

Proof Maker 1.7 Avaliable

7 diciembre 2010

– Bug fixed.

Proof Maker 1.6 Avaliable.

3 diciembre 2010

Now with Day Organization.