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In “CAR AUDIO” you will find all the necessary technical knowledge about electroacustic installations for vehicles explained in an easy and simple way. To make this as easy as possible, we have avoided using technicalities and have obviated irrelevant technical aspects.
With “CAR AUDIO” you can learn to correctly dimension sound installations for vehicles.  This knowledge will help you to:
– Save Money by not over sizing the installation.
– Avoid malfunctioning caused by incorrect connections of the systems.
– Make the most of each one of the systems.

“CAR AUDIO” is dived into 4 main subjects:

It also includes a Decibels Calculator with which you can approximately calculate the Sound Pressure Levels (dB) that are achieved in the interior of the vehicle with the elements that you are thinking of using in your installation. The Calculator is easy and useful, and before carrying out the installation or buying the speakers, you are able to know how many decibels you can achieve with them.

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4 Responses to CAR AUDIO

  1. TopAudio dice:

    Very interesting product. I guess we all tend to oversize our car audio systems.

  2. Jared dice:

    Great post! I look forward to reading more from you! Come check out the web’s hottest deals on car audio and video equipment

  3. Mark Markham dice:

    SuperCrewSound offers a complete line of Ford Mustang Subwoofer Boxes. These custom subwoofer enclosures are guaranteed to fit!

  4. It was a excitement discovering your site yesterday. I came up here right now hoping to discover interesting things. I was not let down. Your ideas with new solutions on this subject material were topical and a good help to us. Thank you for leaving out time to write down these things as well as for sharing your mind.


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